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Bottle Rocket Brewing Company features unique spaces you can rent for your next upcoming event. Below you will find many photos of our building and rental spaces. Each space is rented at an hourly rate.

Scroll down to learn more about our rates and hours. Below you can download our rental agreement. Please check with us to confirm your event date is available. To learn more about our rental terms and conditions see details below.

Let us help you learn more about our rental spaces.

Our rates and hours

Large Event Space, including Loft: $85.00 per hour. (155 capacity Main floor +

Loft- 45 caps with fixed seating)

Large Event Space, without Loft: $50.00 per hour. (155 capacity Main floor, the

above loft can be used for additional open seating or events)

Second Floor Loft: $35.00 per hour. 45 capacity. (Open area. The large event

space below will be open to the public).

Second Floor- Old Mill (closed room): $35.00 per hour. 24 capacity.

Beer Garden & Deck: $35.00 per hour. 75 capacity.

> An additional Charge of $15 per hour could be assessed if rental time is outside of normal business hours.  

> Renter will only be allowed to use the facilities that are marked above. If multiple spaces are rented, the rates of each space are combined for the total amount due. Tables & Chairs are included in the rental.

> Renter will not remove any existing building décor without direct permission and noted in the additional notes below prior to the event. If the renter removes or damages décor, there will be additional fees. 

> If you require the use of an overhead projector or TV in the rental space: An additional $25.00 fee.

> If you require the use of a sound system and/or podium: An additional $25.00 fee.

> Total rental time is a two-hour minimum. Setup/teardown time is counted within the total rental window.  

The renter is responsible for the setup & teardown of tables & chairs; cleaning and returning space to the prior condition. Broom, Mop, Vacuum, and Rags will be provided. Failure to do so will incur a $20.00 cleaning fee. We hold a credit card upon arrival and will inspect the space before departure. The renter may opt for BRB staff to clean and incur the $20 fee.  The renter may bring and set up decorations and tablecloths; NO glitter or confetti is allowed. An additional $20 clean-up fee will incur if found.

Rental terms and conditions

> 50% deposit due upon reservation. The balance is due at the time of the event. If the rental or taproom balance is paid later than the day of the event, a 20% holding and gratuity will be charged. No refunds on down payments.

> No outside drinks are allowed. The brewery’s drink menu includes non-alcoholic drinks: soda, bottled water, homemade root beer* and Lemonade*

*subject to availability

In accordance with Nebraska State Law, outside alcohol of any kind is not allowed on any part of the property. If violated individuals will be requested to leave the premises, alcohol will be confiscated, and the incident could lead to additional fees.

Rental Agreement